Commonwealth Business Travel Group
Commonwealth Business Travel Group



Who We Are
CBTG is an association of motivated, assertive travel management company owners and principals who meet three times a year for the purpose of strengthening their individual agencies. This is accomplished through a high-level of member-to-member networking and sharing of common goals, challenges and business practices.

From its inception, CBTG recognized that in order to maximize the benefits of open sharing and discussion, the group needed to remain relatively small. For this reason, membership is by invitation only and is limited to just 35 select and geographically diverse agencies.

Our guidelines for agency membership include an annual gross volume of at least 10 million per year, an emphasis on corporate travel, representation at the quarterly meetings by the agency owner or principal, and a willingness to openly share information and participate in meetings and discussions. Almost all of our member agencies are privately owned. Total aggregate sales volume of all CBTG members is estimated to be over $4.5 billion.

Annual dues for CBTG membership are $2,500 per agency. New member entry fees are $1,000 (one-time charge).

Our meetings generally take place in January, June, and October of each year. Meetings begin on Tuesday afternoon and end on Thursday at noon.

Regular attendance at our meetings is essential. Each agency may bring up to two members to each meeting at no charge. Our meeting rooms are always set up in a hollow-square configuration for maximum discussion and interchange opportunities. Attendees are expected to come prepared and to participate.

Our agendas usually focus around one or two industry speakers, a few brief vendor presentations, and lots of open discussion between the membership on the latest industry trends and best business practices. Regular benchmarking exercises on such subjects as agent compensation, fee structures, etc., also play a very valuable role. So do our frequent brainstorming sessions. Between meetings, our private CBTG LinkedIn Group provides an excellent forum in which to seek advice and share information.

Who We Are Not
CBTG is not about massive membership numbers. Our small size is by design. CBTG is not about big overhead and expensive dues. Our minimal annual fees are in place simply to cover general meeting costs and basic administration costs. CBTG is not about preferred suppliers. Although we do have a few extremely lucrative preferred supplier deals in place and we often receive preferred pricing on many products such as third party technologies, this is not our focus. In fact, most of our members belong to at least one other national consortium (i.e. AMEX, Radius, BCD, Travel Leaders, to name a few).

As our own members consistently point out, however, CBTG provides something that no other association has ever come close to delivering: a small, quality group of smart business entrepreneurs who share information, ideas and advice at levels unheard of in other industry groups.

What Some of Our Members Have To Say

CBTG is by far the most important organization that we belong to! There is nothing else in the industry with the free flow of ideas and cutting edge information available anywhere. I think of CBTG as my mastermind/board of directors.
Dave Hershberger - Prestige Travel Leaders


As a long time member, the Commonwealth Business Travel Group (CBTG) has been invaluable to me and Safe Harbors. Our industry moves very fast and to be able to speak openly with others on best practices and evolving technologies has made us a stronger company. So much more to say but I will leave that for Marc Casto. Thank you CBTG!  
Jay Ellenby - Safe Harbors Business Travel

Of all the associations our agency maintains, CBTG is the most impactful. The meetings are informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable, keeping us in the know for all that is happening in the ever-changing world of Business Travel. Most noteworthy, however, is how special this collection of individuals is. I can't say I've come to know a warmer, more friendly crowd in this industry or any other!
Eitan Geft -Cadence

The level of camaraderie and trust within Commonwealth Business Travel Group is amazing. This trust leads to a deeper sharing of best practices than I've found anywhere else. CBTG provides me with a network where I can share a business problem and get innovative perspectives and advice. Whether through guest speakers or networking sessions, I always leave the meetings with new nuggets of learning and pages of ideas to consider implementing.
Nancy Miller - Travel and Transport

This is the best group I have ever been associated with. Not only do I learn something at every meeting, but I also can contact any of the members during the year for help or questions. Everyone is willing to share what works and doesn't work at that agencies. I believe the people involved in this group are some of the most professional people in the industry. They are also a lot of fun to socialize with.
Dale Clarken - New Horizons Travel

The Travel Team, Inc. (and its wholly owned subsidiary, The Travel Team of Canada) is proud to provide Commonwealth Business Travel Group with this testimonial. The Travel Team highly values our participation in CBTG and strongly recommends the membership. Best practices in corporate travel are discussed, analyzed and shared within the Group and are viewed as a key element in our operational, financial and strategic planning. We believe that the CBTG contributes to The Travel Team achieving the operational excellence goals and financial sustainability parameters that we have established. The best practice discussions are complemented by presentations from industry experts, emerging technology executives and other speakers based on the relevant topics of the day, keeping the entire membership up to date on the latest trends and developments that impact our distinct businesses. Finally, the relationships established provide the basis for one-on-one consultation outside of the meetings as we work on specific projects that other TMC's may have already addressed. Of course, we are always happy to assist our fellow members with their projects as well. This is the culture of the Commonwealth Business Travel Group, one of trust, sharing and commitment to excellence in our individual businesses.
Luke Thomas - The Travel Team

The information and support I get from this group is PRICELESS! I always walk away from these meetings with a renewed sense of positive changes and
additions to implement and integrate into our business. The price of this membership pays back on day one!
Colleen Hagg - Balboa Travel

There is an amazing belief in the importance of sharing and discussing industry challenges, best practices, new technologies and the economics involved in travel at CBTG meetings. The balance of invited Speakers combined with internal discussions creates a great learning environment. CBTG is an invaluable organization for us.
Brian Howes - Universal/Accent Travel


For Information, please contact:

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