Commonwealth Business Travel Group
Commonwealth Business Travel Group



Who We Are
CBTG is an association of motivated, assertive travel management company owners and principals who meet four times a year for the purpose of strengthening their individual agencies. This is accomplished through a high-level of member-to-member networking and sharing of common goals, challenges and business practices.

From its inception, CBTG recognized that in order to maximize the benefits of open sharing and discussion, the group needed to remain relatively small. For this reason, membership is by invitation only and is limited to just 35 select and geographically diverse agencies.

Our guidelines for agency membership include an annual gross volume of at least 10 million per year, an emphasis on corporate travel, representation at the quarterly meetings by the agency owner or principal, and a willingness to openly share information and participate in meetings and discussions. Almost all of our member agencies are privately owned. Total aggregate sales volume of all CBTG members is estimated to be over $4.5 billion.

Annual dues for CBTG membership are $2,500 per agency. New member entry fees are $1,000 (one-time charge).

Our meetings generally take place in February, May, August and November of each year. East coast and central meetings begin on Wednesday morning and end on Thursday at noon; west coast meetings begin at noon on Wednesday and end on Thursday at 5:00 p.m..

Regular attendance at our meetings is essential. Each agency may bring up to two members to each meeting at no charge. Our meeting rooms are always set up in a hollow-square configuration for maximum discussion and interchange opportunities. Attendees are expected to come prepared and to participate.

Our agendas usually focus around one or two industry speakers, a few brief vendor presentations, and lots of open discussion between the membership on the latest industry trends and best business practices. Regular benchmarking exercises on such subjects as agent compensation, fee structures, etc., also play a very valuable role. So do our frequent brainstorming sessions. Between meetings, our private CBTG LinkedIn Group provides an excellent forum in which to seek advice and share information.

Who We Are Not
CBTG is not about massive membership numbers. Our small size is by design. CBTG is not about big overhead and expensive dues. Our minimal annual fees are in place simply to cover general meeting costs and basic administration costs. CBTG is not about preferred suppliers. Although we do have a few extremely lucrative preferred supplier deals in place and we often receive preferred pricing on many products such as third party technologies, this is not our focus. In fact, most of our members belong to at least one other national consortium (i.e. AMEX, Radius, BCD, Travel Leaders, to name a few).

As our own members consistently point out, however, CBTG provides something that no other association has ever come close to delivering: a small, quality group of smart business entrepreneurs who share information, ideas and advice at levels unheard of in other industry groups.

What Some of Our Members Have To Say

Attendance and membership in the Commonwealth Business Travel Group is absolutely the most important thing that I do in the course of the year. We have learned more and implemented more ideas learned at CBTG meetings than all other groups that we belong to combined.
Dave Hershberger, President
Prestige Travel, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

I have been with CBTG for only a couple of years, but have learned a lot from the very open information sharing of the membership. This type of open sharing, has enabled me to obtain a great CRS contract, upgrade technology of my agency in order to compete with larger agencies, and share problems and solutions of day to day operations. From day one, all members have made me feel very welcome...everyone is so friendly and a lot of fun!!
Nancy Wolfe, President
Sundance Travel
Phoenix, AZ


For Information, please contact:

Cathy Caddy, Executive Director
Commonwealth Business Travel Group, Inc.
Post Office Box 8791
Roanoke, Virginia 24014
Phone: 540-342-1288